Because Winstrol Depot is an aqueous suspension of fine particles rather than an oil solution of an esterified compound it’s action in the body does not occur like most other anabolic steroids. It’s half life actually has a sustained effect that gradually tapers, with the length of effectiveness being at least a week, and the particles can remain at the injection site for prolonged lengths, this makes hiding a it’s use during a drug test a losing proposition.

Since winstrol depot lacks an androgenic component it is not recommended o be used while dieting, because it is not able to consistently protect the user from losing muscle tissue. Parabolan supplementation can be and is often used to supplement this, and a synergistic effect between the two makes the user much less likely to lose muscle mass during a dieting cycle.

Bear in mind that Winstrol Depot has been banned by everything from horse racing associations to professional bodybuilding associations. There is just about no sport that approves of using it. (it would make sports a bit more interesting though) Stanozolol was Banned from use in Competitive Sports by the International Association of Athletics Federations as well as quite a few other Official Sporting bodies. Several horse racing associations also banned the use of it because several horse trainers were doping their horses with it to improve performance.

Unlike Oral Turinabol, Winstrol Depot is relatively easy to detect, Typically Stanozolol can be detected in the urine for about 10 days after a single oral dose of 5-10mg, intramuscular injection can be detected much longer usually, this is due to the aforementioned ability of the particles remaining in the muscle for prolonged periods.

Typically Winstrol Comes in either a 50mg/ml injection (aqueous suspension of winstrol particles) or a 5mg tablet. more recently however it has been seen on the market at 100mg/ml dosages.

Winstrol Depot’s primary role is in a cutting cycle. one of the traits it is most well known for is it’s ability to lower SHBG much further than most other steroids, which increases the amount of free testosterone circulating in the body. it is vital however to remember that just like most steroids, suppression of normal hormone production occurs, for this reason, testosterone supplementation is suggested as well to avoid sexual dysfunction.

it is not recommended to add Winstrol Depot to a bulking cycle because most bulking cycles tend to be highly liver toxic, and it being added to the cycle could push liver toxicity into the red zone.