Winstrol Depot has recieved many accidental endorsements from athletes in a wide array sports. This of course is due to the fact that not only does it work well, it is also easy to get ahold of.

I call it an accidental endorsement when an athlete, pro or otherwise, gets caught using a preformance enhancing steroid, because although they likely didn’t intend to endorse it, however they got caught using it, and it made the news.

Here is a list of some of the people that have gotten caught using winstrol depot to enhance their preformance in their chosen sport.

in the 1988 summer olympics, sprinter Ben Johnson tested positive for winstrol depot, losing his gold medal.

Ukrainian Athlete Liudmyla got banned from olympic competition at the 2008 Beijing games after losing her silver medal due to being caught doping with winstrol for her 2nd time in major competition.

There have been multiple times that Barry Bonds was accused of doping with various substances so it is no surprise that Winstrol is among them.

A former WWE Superstar and 4 time WWE tag team Champion, Sylvain Grenier was fired for violating the WWE’s wellness policy due to an article by sports illustrated which named him as a stanozolol user.

The UFC is not without it’s own share of winstrol users, Phil Baroni, Former UFC and PRIDE Fighting championship fighter tested positive for Stanozolol after his fight against Frank Shamrock

Not wanting to let Phil Baroni be the only UFC fighter to have been caught for using Winstrol, he was joined by Cristiane Santos, Tim Sylvia, and Kirill Sidelnikov.

Winstrol has also found a welcome home in soccer (or european football) several soccer players have been caught using winstrol depot to enhance their sports preformance, some of them are Salvador Carmona, and Magnus Hedman.

Rugby is also not without it’s fair share of steroid users, with members of the austrailian and south african rugby leagues testing positive for Winstrol.

The bottom line here is, with so many people out there risking their careers over it’s use, it becomes pretty obvious that it must have a real effect, lets face it, if you’re out there making pro athlete money, you don’t risk it all for something unnecessary.

Of course that leaves us with the question, of whether or not these careers would have even been possible without winstrol. Now, don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that is or isn’t the case with these people, it does however lead one to question that.