Winstrol Depot, Also known as Stanozolol or Winny V is an Anabolic Steroid commonly used by both human and non-human athletes. Winstrol Depot was one of the earliest Anabolic Steroids banned as a schedule 2 drug under federal regulations.

Typically, the difference between winstrol depot and winstrol is that usually the term winstrol depot is used to refer to the injectable version of winstrol, whereas typically people referring to just winstrol usually mean the tablets. The ability of Winstrol to be orally active is highly unusual, placing it in a pretty exclusive club, right next to Primobolan.

Winstrol was first developed in 1962 by Winthrop laboratories, although it was approved by the fda it is still a schedule 2 controlled substance. Being a schedule 2 drug, it is illegal to buy, sell or posess it. Of course this hasn’t stopped or slowed down most users, in fact it’s about as effective as any other drug ban, which is to say, not at all effective.

Stanozolol was Banned from use in Competitive Sports by the International Association of Athletics Federations as well as quite a few other Official Sporting bodies. Several horse racing associations also banned it’s use because several horse trainers were doping their horses with it to improve performance.

It is not just for horses and athletes though, it is also very effective in treating hereditary angiodema and anaemia. Stanazolol is also effective in improving bone density and red blood cell production.

The primary reason bodybuilders use it is to lose fat while retaining lean body mass. Indeed, it has become the defacto gold standard for Cutting Cycles due to it’s ability to metabolize adipose while preserving lean body mass.

Identification is faily easy, it should be a cloudy white aqueous suspension (water suspension). If allowed to sit for a few hours undisturbed, it should separate into clumps of white crystals at the bottom as the liquid gradually becomes more clear.

Because Winstrol is a DHT (di hydro testosterone) based Steroid, it is extremely anabolic and only a little bit androgenic, DHT is well known for it’s effects on muscle building, stamina and strength. The protein synthesis enhancement from winstrol comes from it’s ability to increase nitrogen retention without an increase in aromatase.

Since winstrol is c17-alpha alkylated, it can survive first pass liver metabolism and has a high bio-availability, but due to that same c17-alpha alkylation it binds to the liver receptors of the user. because winstrol binds to liver receptors anyone using it should make use of a solid post cycle therapy after discontinuing use.

When it comes to stacking for a cycle, winstrol depot stacks remarkably well with just about anything from simple testosterone blends like Testoviron to even deca durabolin, the most cycle is probably winstrol depot, trenbolone and testosterone. It’s not recommended to run a cycle longer than 8 weeks when cycling winstrol due to it’s heightened liver toxicity.